College Athletic Recruiting // A Letter to Parents

July 18, 2008

Dear Parents,

As an Independent Educational Consultant, my goal is to help place your student athlete at a college that is the right fit for his/her interests, skills, and academic and athletic abilities.

I believe that parents and students must enter the athletic recruiting process with their eyes wide open and avoid the trap of focusing only on athletics. While being a gifted athlete may help your son or daughter get into a specific school, always remember that they could blow out their knee or have another injury which could interrupt or even end their athletic career. They must consider all of their interests and find a college where they will be happy whether they play sports for four years or for one year. The time is not too far off when they will have to make a living using their brain and not their athletic ability. Always remember The Broken Leg Rule: "While sports are important, you must have a life outside of athletics. The glory days do not go on forever."

At EducationFirst!, I provide the knowledge, strategy, organization and scheduling for student athletes and their families to consider all possibilities, select appropriate colleges, and make sound decisions. I focus on helping to place each student athlete in a college where the student will be challenged in and out of the classroom, will embrace the time commitment and values of a particular athletic program, will achieve a series of personal athletic successes and will mature and reach his/her potential.

After I review each student athlete's academic, athletic and extra curricular record, analyze past performance in and out of the classroom, and compare this material with individual ability, I develop a profile of each applicant. I provide a realistic evaluation of each student's athletic skills and potential, and suggest realistic options for the next level of participation. I recommend initiatives, if necessary, to maximize strengths and improve weaknesses. I develop a personal admissions and athletic recruiting plan with a strategy, theme and schedule for each student athlete, a list of colleges which meet the ability, skills and potential of each student athlete and a plan for maximum visibility with college coaches. I also advise student athletes on how to prepare for SAT tests, college visits and interviews, and help students with their applications and essays.

I strongly suggest that I begin working with parents and students at the beginning of the junior year. This is due to the early admission nature of athletic recruiting and the importance of visibility during the junior year and the summer before the senior year.

The fee or annual retainer is payable in advance, and covers up to eight one-on-one meetings, and unlimited communications by email and telephone. Travel time is charged by the hour. Expenses such as overnight delivery, telephone and fax, and travel are billed monthly. I have no financial relationships with any colleges and fees are paid by parents. I naturally do not guarantee admission to any specific institutions

Please contact me for additional information.

Eric Rosenberger, M. Ed.
Educational Consultant