College Athletic Recruiting // Today's Admissions Environment

Most college coaches live or die based on the success of their recruiting program. Coaches in the competitive programs spend a great deal of time identifying, researching and courting candidates who meet the criteria for their specific program, while coaches is less developed programs usually approach recruiting in a less structured manner.

While coaches are certainly interested in athletic ability and athletic potential, they are also very interested in student athletes who can do the work in the classroom, and who have sound values and a strong character. They want players with a demonstrated work ethic, a positive attitude to embrace the culture and demands of their program, and the social maturity to conduct themselves appropriately on and off the field. Coaches do not have time to deal with "problem players."

College athletic recruiting is a dynamic process, and there is no one recruiting strategy that works for all student athletes at all colleges. Each student athlete is unique, each sport has it's own recruiting process, the needs of college coaches change from year to year and throughout the year, and different colleges and different sports have very different NCAA and college guidelines within which each coach and student athlete and his/her family must work.

Starting the process early, however, is the one factor that is true for all student athletes. All athletes who have aspirations of playing sports in college must remember that the NCAA has strict requirements for high school grades and courses, and the clock starts ticking the first day of the freshman year. Athletes should use each summer wisely and begin a structured college recruiting program no later that the beginning of the junior year. This is necessary to plan for SAT testing, for college visits, and for maximum visibility during the summer.

The college recruiting process is a time when parents and students experience most of life's emotions. It is an opportunity for self-assessment, dreaming and exploration, planning, goal setting, perseverance, family dialogue and thoughtful decision making. It is not surprising that many parents and students find the process to be complex, confusing and exhausting.

EducationFirst! Helps parents and students make the college recruiting process enjoyable, fulfilling and successful. We help parents and students make informed and realistic decisions. We open the door to educational opportunities.