Boarding School Placement // Our Approach

EducationFirst! helps students select and apply to independent boarding schools which are the right fit for them - educational environments where students will be happy, where they will find challenges both inside and outside the classroom, and where they will achieve individual successes and personal growth.

EducationFirst! helps students focus on those schools which offer programs and facilities that meet their individual needs and aspirations.

EducationFirst! defines success as admission to a school where students will be challenged to make the most of his/her talents and skills, to grow personally and emotionally, to discover new interests, to fully participate in the life of the school, to become engaged in the classroom, in extracurricular activities and in athletics, to take reasonable risks, to have fun, and to experience a successive number of personal accomplishments.

EducationFirst! helps students develop and execute a personal admissions plan designed to reduce anxieties, address areas of weakness, showcase areas of strength, and communicate their own individuality.

EducationFirst! is sensitive to individual learning styles and learning differences, and works with both average and highly gifted students. While not trained testers or psychologists, EducationFirst! does refer students for outside evaluation when appropriate.

EducationFirst! is an independent educational consultant with no financial arrangements with schools. Fees are paid by parents and services are focused on what is best for each individual student.